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How To Master Business Communication For A Great Career

Master Business Communication by
Applying a 3D Holistic Approach

Master Business CommunicationFlip the pages of any management book or read any of the management leadership theories. You will find that all the management authors and leaders have focussed on six management functions namely organizing, planning, leading, controlling, staffing and communicating.

Out of all the six functions, communication takes the lead role. Poor communication spoils all the other management functions. Your success journey starts, only and only when you master business communication skills to create a high impact  in all your business communication.

“Arrows coming out of the bow and words coming out of the mouth never return back; Be cautious while shooting arrows or words”

Improve Your Verbal and Non-verbal Communication Skills

People who want to master business communication need to master it at two different levels. The entire concept of communication works in two different modes – Verbal communication and Non-verbal communication.

Start With Verbal Communication to
Master Business Communication

Verbal communication is an important part of internal as well as external business communication. It includes face to face meetings, live conferences or seminars, public speaking, job interviews, telephonic conversations, customer or client interaction and presentations to name a few.

A very interesting fact about verbal communication is that it is not purely verbal and it is important for anyone desirous to master business communication.

The body language, gestures, pitch and tone of your voice and several other related factors influence the interpretation of messages send across. Controlling and modulating the body signals and voice tone is a major challenge for communicators to master business communication.

Mastering Public speaking skills  is another specialized area to help people master business communication. We cannot deny that most of the CEOs, top-level executives and successful business people are great orators.

Master Business Communication by
Mastering Non-verbal Communication

Non-verbal communication leaves a record of communication, thus increasing your liability. Any misinterpretation of information in your message can land you in big trouble.

Non-verbal communication includes traditional letters, emails, memos, reports and presentations to name a few and if you want to really master business communication, then you need to excel at all of these communication modes.

Written documents also holds good as a legal proof, so you must be very careful. On the other hand, written communication is easier because you get ample amount of time to think, write and revise your messages before sending it across.

Presentation is a form of communication that falls in both the categories of verbal as well as non-verbal communication. We also move on the floor to present it in front of the audience, therefore people who want to master business communication also need to master the art of presentations.

Tips and Tricks to Master Business Communication

1. Clarity in your own thoughts

Whether verbal communication or non-verbal communication, know your subject well in advance. Research your subject and don’t hesitate to learn anything that you don’t know.

Clarity in your own thoughts would help you strengthen your own confidence level in a natural way, so that you can actually master business communication. Remember, knowledgeable people are always more confident as compared to their counterparts.

“Confidence Comes from the Empowerment of Information and Knowledge”

2. Control Your Tongue, So It Never Overtakes Your Brain

It is one of the most common mistakes committed by most of the bad communicators. Tongue will try to run faster than brain, but you have to pull the whip back so that it never runs faster than the speed of your thoughts.

Tongue is a means to express the thoughts of your brain and whenever it overtakes the brain, be assured to face some great disaster with your communication. Synchronize your tongue with the brain to master business communication.

3. Get Into The Shoes of Your Customers or Clients

You may find your communication most appealing from your own viewpoint, but does it appear the same to your customers or clients?

If you really want to master business communication, then you need to get into the shoes of your customers or clients to understand your messages without including your own personal perception.

4. Revise, Revise and Revise All the Written Document

Non-verbal communication offers an option to revise. Revise, revise and revise, unless and until you are confident about your message.

Once the message leaves the source, there is no way to edit or rectify any mistake that may have gone out. It is better to get delayed, rather than sending vague messages full of legible misinterpretations. Revision is very important for someone who really want to master business communication.

5. Practice, Practice and Practice the Art of Business Communication

You could have heard an old saying that says Practice makes a man perfect. Well, the saying needs to be modified because practice also makes a woman perfect.

Jokes apart, but learning and practising are two important steps that goes hand in hand for anyone who wants to master business communication. It applies both to verbal as well as non-verbal communication skills.

6. Learn from the Best Business Communication Trainer or Coach

Learning from the experts is one of the best and most effective methods to learn anything. It not only saves your time, but also lets you learn some of the most important tips and tricks which are only known to the experts because of their long years of practice and experience.

Enrolling in a business communication training course offered by some of the best business communication trainer could be your success strategy to master business communication.

In Conclusion

Today, each and every business house, organisation and office believes in the effectiveness of people, who are capable of establishing strong channels of communication with their customers or clients.

It is one of the most desired social skill and all of us love and appreciate people who are good at communicating their opinions and ideas full of positive energy. It simply means master business communication before it slips out of your hand.

Master Business Communications – The Holmes Report

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