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How to Become a Motivational Speaker

Want a Formula to
Become Motivational Speaker ?

Motivational SpeakerYou want to become a motivational speaker, right ! Oh Yes.

See how stupid I am to ask you such a silly question.

Of course, you want to become a motivational speaker and that is why you are reading this blog.

Well, let me tell you right in the beginning that if you landed here to find a scientific formula for becoming a motivational speaker,  then you came at the wrong place.

I don’t have any such formula or magic  to transform you into a motivational speaker, rather you may like to continue looking around in search of some other sites or blogs.

You may find it somewhere, although I doubt about the existence of any such formula anywhere. In fact, if you ever happen to find any such guaranteed formula, then I would be the first person to buy it.

“No Scientific Formula Exists For Becoming A Motivational Speaker”

Need Help To Become
A Motivational Speaker ?

I can guide you, I can help you take the right direction, but you have to take your own steps and you have to traverse your own journey. I can only share my own experiences. I can tell you what worked for me and what didn’t worked for me. I made my own mistakes, but I learned from them and moved on towards refining myself as a human being.

“A Motivational Speaker Learns From Life, Rather Than Learning From Books”

I never claim myself as a motivational speaker, but many people consider me as a motivational speaker. Maybe, my talks have helped them improve their life, may be their lives got influenced for something better.

Maybe, people got answers to some of their most complex unanswered questions after listening to my talks. God knows what, but they were happy after listening to my public talks.

Are You Yourself Motivated ?

You cannot motivate others, unless and until you are yourself motivated. A positive energy in your own thoughts, in your own actions, in your own activities, in your own words and in your own life must be felt and experienced by the audience.

People are going to accept your authority as a motivational speaker, only if you look and feel like a torchbearer to them. You and your life would act as an example to your audience.

“Motivational Speakers Write Their Own Success Stories”

Are You Honest and Have a Strong Will Power ?

Honesty is one of the biggest virtues of all the successful motivational speakers and believe me, they all have very strong will power embedded deep in them. Motivational speakers never hesitate to talk about their failures, they never hide anything about themselves and they are honest to the core.

Speak about your own motivational stories to your audience. Use the right logic and never forget to add a bit of humour too. All of us love to laugh, isn’t it ?

Are You Good at Public Speaking Skills ?

Certain things in life can be learned, while others need to be practised. Look around yourself and you will realise that all the good motivational speakers  are great orators too. They are too good in their communication skills.

Most of them have either learned communications skills in general or business communication skills  to be specific. They learned under the expert guidance of their mentors or coaches. You also need to learn the art of public speaking before thinking about becoming a motivational speaker.

“Public Speaking Skill Is The Foundation For Motivational Speakers”

Motivational Speakers Help People

Suppose, one day you walk down the street shouting out loud – “I am a motivational speaker… I am a motivational speaker.” Do you think people will start treating you like a motivational speaker ! No, they will not because you need to help people so that they point their fingers at you and say – “He is the motivational speaker because he changed my life.”

Who is the ideal motivational speaker for you ? Someone who bores you to death with their public talks or someone who interestingly answers your questions and shows you the path to success. Of course, the second one because he/she is the person who brings out your hidden talent.

It is the motivational speaker who helps you achieve results beyond your own imagination. A motivational speaker helps people discover their own path to success.

“A Motivational Speaker Is Someone Who Lets You Believe In Your Inner Power”

Motivational Speakers Write and Publish

Blogging and publishing are two ways that can help you stamp your authority automatically. Write something to help people find their own talents and hidden treasures.

Help them improve their lives, help them to live a better life. Add value to their lives, give them something unique and different, something that was beyond their imagination. Help them realise and live their dreams.

“A Motivational Speaker Is A Great Orator & A Good Writer”

Be Logical and Confident
in Your Public Talks

Never promise anything extraordinary to your audience. Don’t tell them that you are going to help them pick stars from the sky. Be logical in your statements and in your expressions during your public talks.

Always support your statements with valid facts and figures. Be naturally confident without enacting confidence, if you really want to engage the audience. Delivering a lecture won’t help, rather make your public talks interactive. Use simple, but playful activities to grab the attention of audience.

Teaching by examples is always considered better than teaching with the help of boring theories.

“A Motivational Speaker Never Treats The Audience As Dumb”

Becoming a motivational speaker is not impossible because IMPOSSIBLE says – I M POSSIBLE. The difference lies in your own perception, the way you look at things from your own eyes.

You must have a positive perception towards your own life, if you really want to influence the lives of others in a positive way. Motivational speaking is not a magic, but it is a complete thought process that evolves with time, experience and uninterrupted practise.

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