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Online Public Speaking Training by Andy Fumolo

Online Public Speaking Training – Is it a Reality ?

Online public speaking trainingOnline public speaking training – Doesn’t the topic sounds a bit controversial, kind of a contradictory statement ?

On one hand, we are talking about public speaking, while on the other hand, we are talking about online training. Is it really possible !

“Online Public Speaking Training Helps You Face Real People with Natural Confidence”

Yes, one of the most popular business communication coach and mentor Andy Fumolo has realised the concept of online public speaking training as a big time possibility for one and all. He understands that all of us have limited and/or scarce resources, whether it is about time or about money.

All of us want to get the best value out of our limited resources. It is one of the primary reasons that makes the online public speaking training offered by Andy Fumolo as one of the most popular and appreciated online public speaking training programs available in the market. Best value for your money.

Public Speaking – Is it Art or Science ?

“A Good Public Speaking Training Program is a Mixture of Art & Science”

Some people say – Art of Public Speaking, while some others say – Science of Public Speaking, but Andy Fumolo says – “Art & Science of Public Speaking.” According to Andy Fumolo, public speaking is a mix of art and science.

Public speaking is a form of art because it needs the creativity of humans, while it is a form science because a communication expert can develop a good messaging and communication system by applying his communication expertise and experience.

Why Online Public Speaking Training ?

“Good Online Public Speaking Training Programs Help Save Time As Well As Money”

In short, online public speaking training rocks because it saves time and money both. Online public speaking training programs not only help trainees to save time and money, but also helps business communication trainers / coaches / mentors to save money and time.

Both the trainees as well as business communication trainers get freedom in their own unique ways. Online public speaking training adds an added flavour of flexibility in time, so as to help people learn the art and science of public speaking at their own convenience.

Why Online Public Speaking Training
Programs are Inexpensive ?

Imagine all the money involved in arranging the physical infrastructure facilities to offer public speaking training courses in a face-to-face mode.

If we look from a trainer’s perspective, then it means expensive rent for the physical space or heavy capital investments, furniture, hiring more people, payment of monthly utility bills and a couple of hours commitment everyday.

The cost of public training goes even higher for a live seminar because of many other added overhead expenses.

“Offline Public Speaking Training Programs are Expensive”

Now, imagine all the facilities required to offer online public speaking training programs. Online public speaking training programs can be offered with a minimum one time investment.

It only needs some online digital infrastructure facilities to reach a large number of people, which is of course not as expensive as physical infrastructure and facilities.

Business communication trainers are required to work extensively in the beginning, while developing a good and effective communication and messaging system, although regular updates would be required from time to time.

Communication trainers also get the freedom from conducting regular public speaking training programs on a day-to-day basis.

“Online Public Speaking Training Programs are Inexpensive”

You can now understand the reason behind a huge difference in fees charged for a public speaking training program offered in live seminars and online public speaking training programs.

The huge savings enjoyed by the trainers in terms of low setup and operations cost is passed on to the audience, thus making online public speaking training programs as an easily approachable inexpensive option for everyone.

Andy Fumolo himself charges € 7,500 for his public speaking program offered in a live seminar, while he charges only € 497 for his online public speaking training program. It becomes a win-win situation for the trainers as well as trainees.

Are Online Public Speaking
Training Programs Effective ?

We would like to answer this question with a counter question. Why do you think that online public speaking training programs are ineffective ? You have the best of the best business communication trainer, his expertise and his experience recorded in a series of video lectures.

In fact, these video lectures are even better than the live seminars because they are edited, revised and improved to offer nothing less than the best. These videos aren’t instant as a live seminar. Moreover, these videos are also updated on a regular basis to keep the contents always relevant and up to date.

“Online Public Speaking Training Programs are as Effective as Their Counterparts”

After all, you watch and listen to your business coach in the same way during a live seminar, although with a limited accessibility.

In online public speaking training programs, you get access to an interactive workbook for keeping in touch with your business communication coach and you are also free to ask any questions. Contrary to a live seminar, your questions always get answered and you get a personalised attention.

Practically, there is no reason that can bar the effectiveness of online public speaking training programs. Online public speaking training programs are as good and effective as any other offline public speaking training program.

What is So Unique in Andy Fumolo’s
Online Public Speaking Training ?

Online public speaking training program offered by Andy Fumolo is one of the most innovative program as compared to any other public speaking training program. He has already offered same program to more than 30,000 people across the globe and most of them are now living their life in a better way than ever before.

Andy Fumolo has developed and tested his unique message and communication system to get proven results. Many top most CEOs and top – level executives are present in his long list of beneficiaries. Above all, Andy Fumolo also offers a freeonline public speaking training program.

“A Good Life & A Successful Career is A Fundamental Right Of Everyone.”

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